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Khrichenko Dmitry

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-028

CHOP-fMRU (, a functional MR Urography (fMRU) post processing tool, was released publicly in 2010. Since its release, I have gotten many questions about various aspects of fMRU post processing. This experience has aided in the development of pMRI (, the successor to CHOP-fMRU. The aim of this electronic poster is to teach fMRU post processing using pMRI through several anonymized examples as well as address common questions that arise. An fMRU report is automatically generated and discussed at the end of each analysis. A comparison between fMRU and MAG3 with examples is included to better understand fMRU functional parameters. Read More

Authors:  Khrichenko Dmitry

Keywords:  MRU, Post Processing, Urogram

Cole Denzel,  Linam Leann,  Cho Joo

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-035

This educational exhibit aims to highlight the role of MR Urography (MRU) in the setting of the pediatric patient with urinary outflow tract obstruction. This review encompasses the unique physiology of glomerular filtration in compensated vs decompensated uropathy and demonstrates the MR correlate to nuclear medicine. Read More

Authors:  Cole Denzel , Linam Leann , Cho Joo

Keywords:  MRU, Functional, Scintigraphy

Vey Brianna,  Cho Joo,  Taylor Susan,  Mehollin-ray Amy,  Alazraki Adina,  Khanna Geetika,  Linam Leann

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-047

MR Urography is an advanced imaging technique with increasing utilization that allows the interpretation of both anatomic and functional urologic data. This allows for a more efficient study of renal parenchymal and collecting system abnormalities, however the complexity and volume of functional data can make for an intimidating task to the interpreting radiologist. Key factors to success include: adequate patient preparation, optimal imaging protocol in conjunction with sedation/anesthesia and complex advanced post-processing techniques.

In this educational poster, we aim to provide an initial overview of MRU with practical points on appropriate patient preparation and study optimization, followed by a detailed overview of the myriad of functional data acquired with each study. Finally, we will review a series of image-rich cases along with the post-processed functional data in order to illustrate the approach to interpretation in the setting of anatomic abnormalities on MRU.
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Authors:  Vey Brianna , Cho Joo , Taylor Susan , Mehollin-ray Amy , Alazraki Adina , Khanna Geetika , Linam Leann

Keywords:  MRU, Functional, MR

Haroyan Harutyun,  Ntoulia Aikaterini,  Khrichenko Dmitry,  Bellah Richard,  Long Christopher,  Darge Kassa

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-081

Calyceal diverticula (CD) are rare lesions which are difficult to differentiate from renal cysts. Cross sectional examination with excretory imaging facilitates diagnosis in a noninvasive fashion. Functional MR urography (fMRU) provides comprehensive morphological, functional and excretory assessment of the kidney with CD. We aim to describe the findings of CD in fMRU. Read More

Authors:  Haroyan Harutyun , Ntoulia Aikaterini , Khrichenko Dmitry , Bellah Richard , Long Christopher , Darge Kassa

Keywords:  Diverticulum, diverticula, MRU, MR urogram, Calyceal

Carson Robert

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-016 (T)

Review the set up for a pediatric MRU exam. I will identify what needs to be done to aquire optimal images and functional information. I will
also highlight challenges and pitt falls of the exam.
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Authors:  Carson Robert

Keywords:  MR Urogram, MRI Urogram, MRU