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Kristi Oatis

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The purpose of this exhibition is to outline practice patterns among breast imaging in the pediatric population while identifying barriers to execution of standard breast imaging practices in pediatric patients. Read More

Meeting name: IPR 2016 Conjoint Meeting & Exhibition , 2016

Authors: Pfeifer Cory, Kwon Jeannie, Oatis Kristi

Keywords: breast, BI-RADS, biopsy

Long-term central indwelling catheters are required for multiple treatments in pediatric patients including hemodialysis, parenteral nutrition and chemotherapy. An infrequent complication of these catheters is difficulty at removal or replacement (the “stuck” catheter). Attempted removal of these “stuck” catheters can lead to catheter fracture and retained catheter fragments. These retained catheter fragments can lead to infection, venous thrombosis and ultimately venous stenosis. Given that pediatric patients often require long-term venous access, preservation of venous reserve is critical to the care of these patients. In this exhibit, published literature will be reviewed and a pictorial review of the authors’ clinical experience with “stuck” catheters will be presented. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2017 Annual Meeting & Categorical Course , 2017

Authors: Ahn Richard, Oatis Kristi, Patel Anish, Josephs Shellie

Keywords: stuck catheter, vascular access