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Tsitsiou Yvonne,  Rychik Jack,  Biko David,  Cahill Anne Marie,  Serai Suraj,  Durand Rachelle,  Golberg David,  Glatz Andrew,  Rand Elizabeth,  Wilkins Benjamin,  Witschey Walter,  Dodds Kathryn,  Russo Pierre

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 071

Fontan–associated liver disease (FALD) is associated with increased risk of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Liver biopsy is the current gold standard investigation for diagnosing liver fibrosis. Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) is a non-invasive procedure assessing liver stiffness. To date, only limited published studies are available describing the correlation of MRE and biopsy in Fontan-associated pediatric patients. Further, longitudinal changes in MRE require an increase in hepatic stiffness of >22% to indicate true change in stiffness (95% CI). The purpose of this study is to determine the clinical implication of MRE in FALD.

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Authors:  Tsitsiou Yvonne , Rychik Jack , Biko David , Cahill Anne Marie , Serai Suraj , Durand Rachelle , Golberg David , Glatz Andrew , Rand Elizabeth , Wilkins Benjamin , Witschey Walter , Dodds Kathryn , Russo Pierre

Keywords:  MR Elastography, Fontan, Liver Biopsy

Pfeifer Cory,  Kwon Jeannie,  Oatis Kristi

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-065

The purpose of this exhibition is to outline practice patterns among breast imaging in the pediatric population while identifying barriers to execution of standard breast imaging practices in pediatric patients. Read More

Authors:  Pfeifer Cory , Kwon Jeannie , Oatis Kristi

Keywords:  breast, BI-RADS, biopsy

Alam Aisha,  Maier Pia,  Smitthimedhin Anilawan,  Acord Michael,  Cahill Anne Marie,  Vatsky Seth

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 072

Lymphoma is the most common mediastinal mass in children. Obtaining tissue for diagnosis can be challenging due to reported low diagnostic yield and risk of cardiorespiratory collapse, especially in the setting of anesthesia. We report our experience with biopsy of mediastinal masses, report the diagnostic rate for lymphoma and biopsy/anesthetic complications related to the procedure. Read More

Authors:  Alam Aisha , Maier Pia , Smitthimedhin Anilawan , Acord Michael , Cahill Anne Marie , Vatsky Seth

Keywords:  Image guided biopsy, Mediastinal Mass, Lymphoma

Yen Christopher,  Hernandez Alberto,  Gardner Gregory,  Nazario Maricarmen,  Kukreja Kamlesh,  Desai Sudhen

Final Pr. ID: Paper #: 073

Bone biopsy for histopathology and tissue culture remains the gold standard for diagnosis of osteomyelitis. However, MRI often results in a radiologic diagnosis of osteomyelitis preceding biopsy. The purpose of this study is to examine the diagnostic yield of percutaneous bone biopsies and the effect of biopsy results on clinical management in children with suspected osteomyelitis and positive MRI findings. Read More

Authors:  Yen Christopher , Hernandez Alberto , Gardner Gregory , Nazario Maricarmen , Kukreja Kamlesh , Desai Sudhen

Keywords:  Biopsy, Osteomyelitis, MRI

Metz Terrence,  Richer Edward,  Vellody Ranjith

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-094

To present nine classic pediatric diagnostic imaging cases and their subsequent interventional managements in order to emphasize the interventionalist's role in caring for the child and educate the pediatric radiologist to guide further care. Read More

Authors:  Metz Terrence , Richer Edward , Vellody Ranjith

Keywords:  Interventional, biopsy, drain, angiography

Janicek Amy,  Morello Frank

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-013

The purpose is to educate the reader about the clinical impacts of radiology reporting prior to pathologic diagnosis. We will discuss a 19-month-old patient’s clinical picture of malignancy with ultimate pathologic diagnosis of disseminated coccidioidomycosis (cocci) and review findings of this disease. Review of biopsy technique and discussion on what specimens should be sent for will also be provided. Read More

Authors:  Janicek Amy , Morello Frank

Keywords:  bone biopsy, coccidioidomycosis, metastatic disease

Gondi Keerthi,  Robinson Amie,  Cully Brent,  Reading Brenton,  Theut Stephanie,  Hendrickson Richard,  Reid Kimberly,  Rivard Douglas

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-032

Ultrasound guided percutaneous liver biopsy is frequently performed in pediatric patients. Published post-biopsy complication rates range between 0.3 - 3.3% according to Society of Interventional Radiology Standards of Practice. Post-biopsy tract embolization has been prophylactically used to theoretically decrease the bleeding risk, but is not the current standard of care at our institution. The goal of this study is to determine if there is a need for prophylactic biopsy tract-embolization after ultrasound guided liver biopsy in the pediatric population.
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Authors:  Gondi Keerthi , Robinson Amie , Cully Brent , Reading Brenton , Theut Stephanie , Hendrickson Richard , Reid Kimberly , Rivard Douglas

Keywords:  Pediatric Liver Biopsy, Embolization

Biyyam Deepa,  Patel Mittun,  Dance Logan,  Dao Tuan,  Youssfi Mostafa,  Towbin Richard

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: EDU-096

After reviewing the exhibit, participants will be able to recognize suspicious and non-suspicious ultrasound (US) features of pediatric thyroid nodules which will help to triage nodules that need a biopsy. Read More

Authors:  Biyyam Deepa , Patel Mittun , Dance Logan , Dao Tuan , Youssfi Mostafa , Towbin Richard

Keywords:  thyroid, nodules, benign, malignant, biopsy

Swenson Zachary,  Kuo-bonde Lydia

Final Pr. ID: Poster #: SCI-018

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is now the most common form of pediatric chronic liver disease. This disease can have profound effects on overall health and is associated with diabetes, heart disease, and an increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma. The exact pathogenesis of NAFLD remains poorly understood, though it is known to progress to various chronic liver diseases, the most prevalent being hepatic fibrosis. The current gold standard for quantifying fat in the liver is via a core biopsy, which is expensive and carries an inherent risk of morbidity and mortality which makes it unsuitable for screening and monitoring purposes. We propose that MRI can be an effective, fast, and non-invasive method of screening and monitoring pediatric NAFLD. This would allow for earlier diagnosis and monitoring of pediatric NAFLD which would aid in treatment and management of this disease. Read More

Authors:  Swenson Zachary , Kuo-bonde Lydia

Keywords:  Non alcoholic fatty liver disease, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Liver Biopsy