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Takahiro Yamada

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Fetal CT has almost the same utility as a postnatal skeletal survey. Despite this benefit, the associated radiation exposure is disadvantageous and radiation dose reduction is mandatory. It is however impossible to measure the actual radiation dose to the fetus directly. Several previous reports have described the CT dose index (CTDI) volume and dose length product (DLP) as representing an imagined fetal dose. The actual fetal radiation dose needs to be confirmed using a phantom that practically corresponds to a pregnant woman. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2019 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2019

Authors: Miyazaki Osamu, Sawai Hideaki, Yamada Takahiro, Murotsuki Jun, Horiuchi Tetsuya, Nishimura Gen

Keywords: skeletal dysplasia, fetal CT, radiation dose