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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Role of Transarterial Embolization in Pediatric Trauma: An Institutional Experience at a Level 1 Trauma Center

Purpose or Case Report: The role of transarterial embolization has been well studied in adults but data is lacking in the pediatric population. As a newly designated level 1 trauma center we present our institutional experience of the efficacy and safety of transarterial embolization for pediatric abdominal and pelvic trauma as well as a review of the current literature. We discuss the multidisciplinary approach to management and the role of the interventionalist as a clinician.
Methods & Materials: Retrospectively review pediatric abdominal and pelvic traumas at our institution since becoming accredited as a level 1 trauma center. Provide a comprehensive diagnostic pictorial review of abdominal and pelvic angiography for various hepatic, renal, and splenic injuries. Discuss when transarterial management is indicated and alternative treatment options.
Results: Assess the various complications and patient outcomes of the procedures we performed. Stratify complications based on location of the abdominal or pelvic injury. Report on the mortality and success rates. Compare our experiences to other reported studies. Provide an algorithm for the management of pediatric abdominal and pelvic trauma.
Conclusions: Angiography and embolization is safe and efficacious in the pediatric population. It should be considered in the algorithm for managing pediatric abdominal and pelvic trauma.
  • Cornish, Nathan  ( Maimonides Medical Center , Brooklyn , New York , United States )
  • Cornish, Anna  ( Staten Island University Hospital , Staten Island , New York , United States )
  • Shah, Jay  ( Maimonides Medical Center , Brooklyn , New York , United States )
  • Sarkar, Debkumar  ( Maimonides Medical Center , Brooklyn , New York , United States )
  • Honig, Shaun  ( Maimonides Medical Center , Brooklyn , New York , United States )
  • Sobolevsky, Sergei  ( Maimonides Medical Center , Brooklyn , New York , United States )
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