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Jerome Rusin

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RADPEER has been criticized for lack of clinical implications, yet few studies have compared RADPEER to alternative peer-review systems or correlated peer review scores with changes in patient management. We aimed to implement a pediatric subspecialty over-read program and compare RADPEER to a Clinical Outcomes Scale, which graded impact on patient outcomes. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2017 Annual Meeting & Categorical Course , 2017

Authors: Shah Summit, Rusin Jerome, Krishnamurthy Rajesh, Adler Brent H.

Keywords: Quality, Safety, Neuroradiology

Free-breathing MRI scans are attractive in pediatric imaging as they reduce the need for sedation and breath-holds. In this work, we evaluate a 3D T1w radial "stack of stars" gradient echo (GRE) acquisition (RAVE-RAdial Volumetric Encoding) in post-contrast abdomen and spine protocols and compare results with conventional Cartesian MRI of similar spatial resolution and volume coverage. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2018 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2018

Authors: Hu Houchun, Block Kai Tobias, Benkert Thomas, Krishnamurthy Ramkumar, Smith Mark, Rusin Jerome, Young Cody, Adler Brent H., Milks Kathryn, Krishnamurthy Rajesh

Keywords: Motion Insensitive, Accelerated MRI, Free-Breathing MRI