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Hisham Dahmoush

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Sinonasal tumors in the pediatric population are uncommon. Tumors affecting the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses in children can arise from either soft tissue or bony structures and differ substantially from adult sinonasal masses. The aim of our exhibit is to review imaging features of a myriad of sinonasal neoplasms and tumor-like masses unique to the pediatric population ranging from the more well-known rhabdomyosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma to rarer lesions such as desmoplastic fibroma, nasal chondromesenchymal hamartoma, and melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2018 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2018

Authors: Chukus Anjeza, Vossough Arastoo, Dahmoush Hisham

Keywords: head & neck, sinonasal tumors, paranasal sinuses

Brainstem anomalies pose a diagnostic challenge for trainees to even the most advanced in their practice. Our exhibit aims to provide a comprehensive review of these rare disorders which are being diagnosed earlier and more frequently utilizing advanced imaging and genetic sequencing techniques. Representative images of these disorders with key distinguishing features will be presented. Familiarity with these conditions will benefit practicing radiologists, radiologists in training, and our clinical colleagues. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2019 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2019

Authors: Creeden Sean, Dahmoush Hisham, Guimaraes Carolina

Keywords: fetal imaging, neuroradiology, MRI

Lipoblastoma is a benign, rare pediatric mesenchymal tumor that develops in a myriad of anatomic locations. The imaging appearance of lipoblastoma sometimes overlaps with other tumors. Familiarity with lipoblastoma and a knowledge of benign and malignant tumors with similar imaging features will benefit practicing Radiologists, Pediatricians, and Surgeons. Our exhibit aims to expand awareness of lipoblastoma by providing a comprehensive pictorial review of cases showcasing representative MRI, CT, sonographic, and radiographic images. Suggestive imaging features of lipoblastoma that distinguish them from other fat-containing lesions will be highlighted and an emphasis on the discussion of lipoblastoma within the spectrum of pediatric lipomatous lesions will be detailed. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2017 Annual Meeting & Categorical Course , 2017

Authors: Emerson Miriam, Isaacson Jared, Chauvin Nancy, Dahmoush Hisham

Keywords: Lipoblastoma, Tumor, Mass