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Rebecca Dennis

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Upper gastrointestinal studies are used for the diagnosis of intestinal malrotation, and the configuration of the duodenum and position of the DJ flexure are used for diagnosis. There are various challenges associated with diagnosing malrotation on the AP view, and obtaining a lateral view is recommended for diagnosis. To be useful, the lateral view must be of adequate quality. In addition, radiologists must be aware of the normal appearance and configuration of duodenal variants such as duodenum redundum, on the lateral view, as misdiagnosis of these may lead to unnecessary surgery. We aim to determine the proportion of lateral views considered of adequate quality for diagnosis, as well as the prevalence of a not previously described sign, the 'descending stair' and its correspondence to a diagnosis of duodenum redundum. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2022 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2022

Authors: Venkatakrishna Shyam Sunder, Elsingergy Mohamed, Calle Toro Juan, Dennis Rebecca, Andronikou Savvas

Keywords: Descending stair, Upper gastrointestinal studies (UGI), Duodenum redundum

Infantile myofibromatosis is rare. The generalized form affects the integument and musculoskeletal system as well as multiple visceral organs and can impair organ function, thus requiring prompt diagnosis and treatment at an early age. As a disease that presents before the age of two years, minimizing use of CT and MRI is imperative to reduce radiation and gadolinium contrast use, respectively. We present a case of a neonate in whom multiple cutaneous and an appendiceal lesion raised the suspicion of infantile myofibromatosis. Multiple liver lesions were seen on gray-scale ultrasound. On contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), there were multiple, differently-enhancing liver lesions, a finding which was confirmed on MRI with hepatocyte specific contrast. These were all thought to represent myofibromas with complete involution following low dose chemotherapy. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2024 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2024

Authors: Davis Laura, Morales-tisnés Tatiana, Lerebo Wondwossen, Barz Leahy Allison, Ntoulia Aikaterini, Dennis Rebecca, Anupindi Sudha, Darge Kassa, Back Susan

Keywords: myofibromatosis, contrast ultrasound, CEUS

International clinical observerships in pediatric radiology offer benefits such as academic collaboration and brand recognition. However, they also introduce additional administrative burden, scheduling difficulties, increased faculty workload for the host institution, and regulatory and financial challenges for observers. In January 2021, the observer program at a US-based teaching hospital's radiology department was relaunched following a COVID-19 pandemic hiatus, providing a limited number of scholarships to medical students, residents, fellows, and other colleagues worldwide for 1-6 weeks. During their stay, observers rotated through different divisions, accessed our learning management system (LMS), and were encouraged to attend conferences and to give a lecture or case-based presentation to the department. We aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and the impact on the observer’s career. Read More

Meeting name: SPR 2024 Annual Meeting & Postgraduate Course , 2024

Authors: Derbew Hermon Miliard, Yaya Carlos, Noor Abass, Miranda Schaeubinger Monica, Dennis Rebecca, Jalloul Mohammad, Mekete Yadel, Wang Xinmeng, Otero Hansel

Keywords: International Observership, Pediatric Radiology, Education